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Рок, Альтернативный рок, регги, джаз, рэп, танцы, ди-джей, Punk Rock, Pop, Classic Rock, акустика и электроника, рок-н-ролл, блюз, рэггей, тяжелый рок, панк, новая волна, джаз, «рэггей», арт-рок, симфо-рок, джаз-рок, техно-рок и другие музыкальные направления и стили.

РУБИКОН Группа «Мозаика», ИЕРОГЛИФ ГРУППА «ПИКНИК», В ПОЛЁТ ГРУППА «ТЯЖЕЛЫЙ ДЕНЬ», Группа «Алиса», Бенни Гудмен, Равноденствие ГРУППА «АКВАРИУМ», Элтон Джон Твоя песня, Демон Группа «Август», Deep Purple ?– The House Of Blue Light, «Лед Зеппелин» Led Zeppelin, «Акцепт», Doors, «Металлика», АНСАМБЛЬ „UB 40", группа «Зоопарк», рок-группа «ЗОДИАК», «Браво», «Кино», Rolling Stones «Роллинг стоунз», РОК-ГРУППА «МАШИНА ВРЕМЕНИ»,«Кокто твинз», Группа «ДИАЛОГ», Bill Evans, Джимми Лансфорд, Флетчера Хендерсона, Дюк Эллингтон, Каунт Бейси, АНСАМБЛЬ "THE MOODY BLUES", Элвис Пресли, "Юнона" и "Авось" , Дж. Верди Реквием G.Verdi Requiem Mass, Элтон Джон, Реджинальд Кеннет Дуайт, АББА, ABBA, “Deep Purple”, «ЧЕЛОВЕК С БУЛЬВАРА КАПУЦИНОВ», “Rolling Stone”, Instrumrutal rock group Zodiac,‘‘Long Tall Ernie and The Shakers”, “The Beatles”, "Tom Fcgerty and The Blue Velvets", "Creedruce Clearwater Revival","Greru River" "Bayou Country", "Willy and The Poorboys", Varnishing Day Songs on Ilya Reznik's lirics , Leo Sayer ЛЕО СЕЙЕР, Boney M,"Waiting For The Sun", Doors «ДОРЗ», "Piper At The Gates Of Dawn", Led Zeppelin ? «ЛЕД ЗЕППЕЛИН», Rolling Stones , "Юнона" и "Авось" Опера Либретто, «РОЛЛИНГ СТОУНЗ», Modern talking,"Aftermath", «ДОМ ГОЛУБОГО СВЕТА», "Out Of Our Heads", Ricchi E Poveri, PINK FLOYD «Пинк Флойд», Vladimir Kuzmin, ПОЛ МАККАРТНИ Paul McCartney, «TWruTY FLIGHT ROCK», Creedruce Clearvater revival Traveling band,«LAWDY. MISS CLAWDY», «BRING IT ON HOME TO ME», Light My Fire,«DON'T GET AROUND MUCH ANY MORE», МУЗЫКАЛЬНЫЙ ТЕЛЕТАЙП-3,«I'М GONNA BE A WHEEL SOME DAY», МОДЕРН ТОКИНГ,«AINT THAT A SHAME», «THAT'S ALL RIGHT (МАМА)», АНСАМБЛЬ UB 40, «JUST BECAUSE», МИГЕЛЬ РАМОС, «SUMMERTIME», "АНСАМБЛЬ "THE MOODY BLUES", «CRACKIN UP», ТНЕ СОММОDORES, «MIDNIGHT SPECIAL», АННА ГEРМАН, Deep Purple «ДИП ПЁРПЛ», „Deep Purple in Rock", Андрей Миронов, Олег Табаков, Михаил Боярский, Николай Караченцов, Альберт Филозов, Олег Анофриев, Игорь Кваша, Леонид Ярмольник, ИЛЬЯ РЕЗНИК , Резанов Николай Петрович, ВЛАДИМИР ВЫСОЦКИЙ, Роджер Уотерс, АЛЕКСАНДР РОЗЕНБАУМ, Ричард Райт и Ник Мэйсон, ВЛАДИМИР КУЗЬМИН, Элвис Аарон Пресли, Leo Sayer, АДРИАНО ЧЕЛЕНТАНО, Билл Эванс, Клаудия Мори....

и это еще не конец.

С уваженим Dron!

Circulation of records

Number of copies of the first issue of each record is determined by the circulation commission firms, which include representatives of the Ministry of Culture of the USSR, the Union of Soviet Composers, trade and other interested organizations.

The circulation of the first of records were set depending on the genre: opera, symphony, chamber music - 3-5 thousand. Russian folk music - 5-10 thousand, folk music of the peoples of the USSR - 1-2 thousand, songs by Soviet composers, authors write pop composers - 5-10 thousands, vocal and instrumental ensembles - 10-30 thousand most popular variety program  (for example,  "Happy New Year", "For you, Women") - up to 100 thousand, literary and dramatic records - 1-3 thousand, children records - 5.10 million.

Subsequent editions of records entirely determined by trading organizations. The company worked on the orders system. Quarterly trading organizations, taking into account customer demand, form the order of the plant records.

The largest enterprise of the company "Melody" - the Order of Lenin Aprelevka Plant of gramophone records. From its matrix goes 250 thousand records every day, and altogether
as of 1983 it produced 72 million. Over the years, Aprelevka Plant produced over 1.5 billion records.

The factory had its own electroplating shop. There matrices were manufactured from the metal originals , but they need to be several hundred. Before matrix transfer to a pressroom, it is microscopically center. Then holes are punched, the center of which must match exactly with the center of the disc, or record during playback will "float" (the allowable eccentricity of the plate according to GOST is less than 0.15 mm). Compared with the metallic originals, matrix is more elastic, its thickness is 0.25-0.30 mm. It is sensitive to the slightest irregularities, even minor debris necessarily pass during pressing on the plate, and defect is inevitable. Therefore, main requirements in the manufacture of plates - cleanliness, accuracy, compliance technology.

Pressing shops were the biggest in the factory. Their basic equipment - hydraulic presses, which are driven by the electronic programmer. The press is equipped with a press-mold consisting of two halves. To press-molds supplied steam for heating and cooling water. The press-mold is charged with two matrices - for one and for the other side of the plate. Matrices are arranged parallel to each other with an accuracy of tenth shares of millimeter, or plate will have uneven thickness. Near presses are thermal cameras. From here receives plastic, from which made the record. Black beads are crowded in the chamber - thousands of them are here. These beads - granulated plastic - the basis of all products. Under pressure, they are converted into the mass and come to the press-mold.

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