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и это еще не конец.

С уваженим Dron!

From what is a modern plate made of?

The material for it is a special plastic, which includes mainly vinyl - thermoplastic resin and special additives, giving it certain properties. In appearance vinyl - powder white or yellowish color. If you add a small amount of black, powder will be black. Plastic, which is used in the factories of the USSR delivers sound of records at the level of leading foreign companies. Initial noise level of plates - 55-57 dB, and after 50 playings noise increases by only 2dB (of course, subject to the rules of use).

People work constantly to improve the plastic. Its quality increases mainly due to the introduction of anti-static additives, which reduce noise and dust on the surface of the gramophone records. Plastic with antistatic is primarily intended for plates with recordings of classical music, having a large dynamic range (the difference between the softest and loudest sounds).


Pressing - operation is also very delicate and responsible. The slightest deviation from the regime - and the plate is obtained substandard, with defective grooves. Therefore, each cycle is calculated in seconds. To sustain the strict regime, temperature, pressure, time helps the automation system. Here, on the edging device, with a deft turn of the hand is removed the excess plastic, leaked from the press-mold. New plate as a toy - a neat, clean, cast gloss.

Accurate movement - and a portion of hot vinilita on the mirror of a matrix, where
previously were laid labels. Turns on a press. Parts of the press-mold close up. Hot tortilla of vinilita, which was crushed by a powerful force (100 tons!), spreads between the heated matrices, absorbs sound grooves and takes the form of a disk. The press-mold is cooled and for a few seconds - the pressure is released and the disk is ready. It takes on average 30 seconds.

Plants use the press machines, where all operations are automated - from placing labels on the matrices and supply plastic material to transport the finished plate to the storage device.

The first record from each press is checked for eccentricity, evaluated by appearance and listen to. All subsequent check on appearance, and listen only selectively to determine the suitability of matrices for further work. There is a staff of music supervisors at the plant, their work - listen through the high-quality apparatus control copies of products.

Each plate has a label and an envelope. Therefore, there is printing industry at the plant. The decoration of the envelope plays an important role. Bright covers with annotations, lyrics, notes, interviews with performers attract the attention of buyers. The company "Melody" employs many great artists - designers of plates. Their names can be seen on the envelopes. Created by the artist envelope, abstract and explanatory text at the same time begins the path with "their" lacquer disk (or rather two discs). Design envelopes, as well as the records themselves, considered the artistic council of the company.

Since 1982, at the USSR Recording Studio Melody was commissioned reproduction center, its task - to provide a high-quality design of envelopes for all plants of the company. It allowed producing new records in a single decoration and significantly reducing the time of their production - up to one to two months after the decision of the replicable commission.

The total yearly circulation of records, produced in the Soviet Union - more than 200 million units, of which more than half - stereo. In 1983 was issued 203 million records, including 140 million and 63 million vinylite flexible (soon planned a sharp reduction in their production). 140 million solid plates - a figure although impressive, but still small for such a huge country like the USSR

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