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Instumental rock group Zodiac Disco Alliance/ Инструментальная рок-группа "Зодиак"




group Zodiac Disco Alliance    
Инструментальная рок-группа   Инструментальная рок-группа
Инструментальная рок-группа   Инструментальная рок-группа



Первая большая грампластинка новой рок-труппы — это событие не только для самих музыкантов, но и для всех тех, кто с нетерпением ждет неслыханных еще записей для своих магнитофонов и дискотек. Она пробуждает интерес, рождает надежды. Оправдаются ли они! Кажется, что на этот раз первая пластинка группы «Зодиак» — -Диско альянс — дает основание для оптимизма.

When the first album of a new rock group is released, it mote often than not is a significant event not only lor the budding musicians themselves but also lot all the impatient people looking forward to some brand-new and unheard-of sound that could be recorded onto their tape machines and lectured at their discotheques. It usually attracts notice and raises hope. But will the hope prove right It may or it may not,. but it seems that this time — in case of the first LP by ZODIAC entitled “Disco Alliance” — there is certain ground for optimism.

Both the name of the group and the music it plays rivet the attention and stimulate imagination. This is music lord the present — day youngsters, music that can be enjoyed in several different ways: while listening alone immersed in fantasies; as music tor dancing or, quite simply, as nun resounding in the background, lit incessant rhythmic pulsation, captivating tone-colours and sound effects of electronic instruments, the unpretentious and plain melodic patterns create uncommon but contemporary feeling, the effect being sometimes cosmically unreal and transient “Mirage”, “Zodiac”), sometimes even grotesque and full of vim (“Rock On The Ice”, “Polo”).

Such is music for the young people, created by the young people. Members of the group are not over twenty-one yet. They are student’s of the lazers Vitols Latvian State Conservatory. The leader old ZODIAC Jains Lusers studies at the department old composition (Plot. J. Ivanovo' class). He plays electronic keyboards and arranges hit own compositions. The budding piano player Zane Carla also in the framework of this group plays mostly piano. Andres Rtinis (percussion) and Ainas Ainas (bass guitar) study at the department of wind instruments. The guitarist Andris Silis is mastering the secrets of bass playing at the Conservatory.

The professional aptitude of those five music makers is very promising, it comes through in the compositional make-up of their musical works, the skill of playing various instruments, apprehension of style and overall unanimity.

Creatively rehashing the world’s best achievements in this field, through drive end common effort they have succeeded in being the first in the USSR to put music of this kind on record. It alone is proof enough of a promising start.

Where to go from here is a question the members of the group are pondering over already now


Latvian IV


Инструментальная рок-группа "Зодиак"

Disco Alliance 1980

Мелодия С60 13771-2 LP 27:14


A1 Зодиак

A2 Пасифик

A3 Провинциальное диско

B1 Поло B2 Мираж

B3 Рок на льду

B4 Альянс (муз. - Я.Лусенс) Янис Лусенс - ARP Omni, синтезатор, ARP Odissey, челеста Зане Грива - фортепиано, ARP Omni, вокал Андрис Силис - гитара Айнарс Ашманис - бас-гитара Андрис Рейнис - ударные Выражаем благодарность Мартиньшу Браунсу и Иварсу Вигнерсу за творческое сотрудничество при созданмм этой записи Ответственный редактор и звукорежиссер А.Грива

"Мелодия", 1980 Всесоюзная студия грамзаписи.

Запись 1980 года

Апрелевский ордена Ленина завод грампластинок


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